Educational Psychologist led training


P4L educational psychologists are able to provide a wide range of training courses to individual schools, or groups of schools, including parenting courses.

Training is usually delivered on school site, although we are happy to arrange an alternative venue if required. Training can be offered in small, interactive groups, or as lectures to larger groups. Twilight and early morning training sessions can be accommodated. Training can be bought individually or as part of a block of Educational Psychologist time.

Training can be offered on a wide range of subjects (see below for examples). Visit the Training Directory for more examples of possible training course. To discuss any of the courses please contact us directly.

adults training session
Adults learning

Delegate Feedback

“A great workshop, inspirational delivery”

“A super course, very informative for staff and children in our care”

“A really useful and interesting course”

“Please pass on my thanks … it was an invaluable course and I am grateful for their time and work during the course”

“I had already undertaken quite a bit of research of anxiety in children and how to help them manage exams/difficult situations etc,  but this session gave me additional, practical advice that I found very useful that will be of benefit to both my children.

“I also feel that the trainer handled various issues and concerns raised by parents in a very sensitive and careful manner, enabling the group to discuss what is often, a very emotive subject”

“It was hugely appreciated by parents;  thank you again”

Counselling Skills

Counselling Skills Training for Educators

Congratulations to our group of secondary school staff who have just completed the Counselling Skills course.

The aim of this course is to improve awareness, knowledge, understanding and practice of counselling skills. To enable school staff to promote the positive mental health and resilience of children and young people and to respond appropriately to concerns about their mental health. This is achieved through the use of specific communication skills and strategies taught on the course.

The course has been designed and delivered by Educational Psychologists. There was 30 hours of taught input and activities, as well as well as 21 hours of homework tasks over the entirety of the course. Please contact us directly if you are interested in attending future courses,