Educational Psychology Services for Schools

Why choose Psychology4Learning?

We operate according to the British Psychological Society code of ethics and standards, ensuring that schools and parents can trust the advice / support offered by our psychologists.

Note that pricing is based on psychologist time and so may be quoted as “Days”. Please contact us directly to request a quote, or to discuss pricing further.

  • Flexible psychology services – Our services/prices are based on psychologist time. This enables the psychologist to work flexibly with the school, delivering advice / support that is most appropriate to the setting e.g. bespoke training, implementing interventions, staff supervision etc.

  • Advice – We always discuss your particular situation before advising on the most appropriate course of action, and if we don’t feel that educational psychology support is required, we will advise you accordingly.

  • Holistic review -We don’t undertake educational assessments in isolation, but use them as part of an holistic review of the child / young person.

  • Child centred – The needs of the child / young person are always central to the work of the psychologist.

private educational psychologist
private educational psychologist

Educational psychology time to be delivered over the academic school year.

Annual contracts run over the academic year. Orders are taken during the Summer term, ready for the work to begin in September. Any number of days can be purchased and will be delivered over the school year. Delivery of annual contracts takes priority over mid year ad hoc work. As part of the contract the psychologist will hold a phone planning meeting with the school to discuss their requirements at no extra charge. On site meetings are also an option, but the time is charge for.

  • Reassurance – know that you will have access to a psychologist over the academic year.

  • Flexibility – choose how you want to use the psychologists time

  • Innovative – by building a relationship with a single psychologist you can identify more innovative ways of using their knowledge.

  • Any number of days – order any number of days e.g. 6 days could be delivered as 2 days per term, 39 days would be 1 day per week.

private educational psychologist

Mid year requests for individual pieces of work with an educational psychologist.

Schools are welcome to contact Psychology4Learning to request individual pieces of work / ad hoc days of work throughout the academic year. However, we will need to check educational psychologist availability before accepting the order  as work on annual contracts takes priority.

Ad hoc requests may include working with a particular child/young person, delivering a training session, providing staff consultation etc.

  • Unexpected events – it’s not always possible to forsee when your school will need to see a psychologist, hence the need to be able to order individual days mid year.

  • Flexibility – book time with the psychologist as needed

private educational psychologist

Bespoke training courses delivered on school site or via video conference by an educational psychologist.

We are able to provide bespoke training delivered on school site or via Microsoft Teams, delivered by an educational psychologist. Training can be for school staff or parents. Training sessions can be 2 to 3 hours, or all day, at any time of day including twilight sessions. Sessions are tailored to the needs of the school, so can be small interactive workshops, or larger lecture type events. Examples of recent training courses are: Counselling skills, managing dyslexia, mental health, anxiety, dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD, SEND processes, trainee teacher training sessions.

  • On school site or via video – minimise travel time and expense

  • Flexibility – choose a date and time that works for the school

  • Wide range of topics – educational psychologists are knowledgable on a wide range of education and SEND issues, the topic will be tailored to your needs.

  • Cost effective – the price is based on psychologist time, and does not vary based on the number of attendees. Consider sharing costs with a neighbouring school

private educational psychologist

Professional Supervision

An educational psychologist to provide professional supervision to school staff e.g. Headteacher, SENCO.

As part of normal practice Educational Psychologists undertake professional supervision. Good supervision has an important role in assuring quality standards of service delivery and supporting service development. It should address both the well-being and professional development of the supervisee but also attend to outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Supervision is a psychological process that enables a focus on personal and professional development and that offers a confidential and reflective space for the supervisee to consider their work and their responses to it. Our psychologists can provide supervision for School headteachers, senior leaders, SENCOs, and teaching staff, which is often lacking in schools. This is an invaluable tool for staff in often stressful situations.

  • Confidentiality – a private space for school staff to reflect and consider their practice

  • Staff wellbeing – schools can be stressful environments, with staff having little time to reflect on situations and their responses

  • Better for the child/young person – schools can be fast paced environments, with decisions made quickly. Supervision allows staff to reflect on situations, consider alternative approaches, and improve their practice.

private educational psychologist

Phone consultation

Discuss concerns with an Educational Psychology over the phone.

Phone consultation as an independent service consists of a 45 minute phone discussion between the school and the Educational Psychologist, plus 15 minute report writing by the psychologist to ensure there is a record of the discussion. This discussion can be used to gather ideas and  suggestions before committing to a more lengthy piece of work. The record of the discussion can be used as part of the evidence regarding EHCP applications.

  • Cost effective – A discussion with an educational psychologist may be sufficient to provide suggestions, or ideas on how to proceed.

  • Timely – minimum disruption to the school day

  • Pre-work – the educational psychologist may suggest actions / interventions before undertaking a more thorough piece of work, resulting in more detailed pre and post measures, and greater information to support future work.

private educational psychologist

Educational psychologist support in implementing interventions.

An Intervention for children and young people who may be experiencing difficulties in school means a specific programme of work tailored to that need. For example, there are a wide range of literacy interventions, for children who are struggling with reading, and numeracy interventions for children having difficulties with maths.

Our psychologists are able to advise on the range of different interventions, discuss the research underpinning them, and support the school with implementation. Some interventions are appropriate for individual pupils, but others are whole school approaches.

  • Research – ensure your interventions are based a solid evidence base

  • Measurement – receive support with pre and post measures in order to measure the effectiveness of the intervention

  • Implementation – ensuring consistency of approach in order to maximise effectiveness of the intervention.